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Cloud Gate: 10 Reasons to Visit This Monument

Cloud GateCloud Gate is an iconic sculpture in Chicago. Cloud Gate, or “The Bean” as it’s more commonly known, is one of the most recognizable structures in Illinois. It has become a symbol for Chicago and is often used to represent the city on postcards and other tourist items. Cloud Gate was created by Anish Kapoor with help from Cecil Balmond and Rudy Dhia. Cloud-shaped stainless steel plates are held within two concave discs which have been polished until they are mirror-like – this creates a continuous surface that reflects everything around it.

Cloud Gate is a part of Chicago’s Millennium Park and can be seen on the Chicago skyline. Cloud Gate has an outdoor observation deck where visitors are able to get up close, but it also offers an interactive indoor space that includes educational information about Cloud Gate.

– Cloud Gate is recognized as one of the most amazing landmarks in Illinois

– Cloud Gate was designed by Anish Kapoor with help from Cecil Balmond and Rudy Dhia

– Cloud Gate became open for public viewing in 2006 and became popular among tourists within seconds

– The sculpture stands at 185 feet tall, weighs 110 tons, and cost $23 million dollars to construct

– Construction began when sculptor Anish Kapoor won a design competition held by the City of

Restaurants near Cloud Gate in Chicago:

– Cloud Gate is located on the Chicago shoreline, near Millenium Park

– You can also visit Cloud Gate at night when it’s lit up with colors and lights

– There are a variety of restaurants that serve delicious food nearby Cloud Gate in Chicago such as Mr. Beefs, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Hop Haus Brewery Restaurant & Bar, or The Original Pancake House

– Cloud Gate has an interactive indoor space which offers educational information about Cloud Gate for visitors to read. This area includes videos and photos as well

Cloud Gate: A Monument Worth Visiting Monthly!

Chicago’s Cloud gate provides tourists ten reasons why they should come back again next month. Not only does this monument offer amazing views from its top, it is also a great place to visit with family.

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