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Chicago’s Willis Tower: The Skydeck, Observation Deck and More

Willis TowerIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Willis Tower in Chicago. Willis Tower is the second tallest building in North America and is located on South Wacker Drive adjacent to the Chicago River. Willis Tower was originally called Sears tower when it was built in 1974 but changed its name to Willis tower after the merger of Sears and Roebuck with Willis Group Holdings Limited in 2006. The Willis Tower has 103 floors that are 1,451 ft high, including an outdoor observation deck at 1,353 feet above ground level; making it one of the tallest structures in Illinois as well as America.

The Skydeck at Willis Tower offers visitors panoramic views from 1,353 feet up, Willis Tower’s 103rd floor where visitors will find themselves on a glass-floored observatory. It is the highest observation deck in America and the second tallest building with an outdoor area after One World Trade Center.

The Willis Tower has an indoor skydeck as well that also offers views from up to 1776ft high but this time it is enclosed inside of one of Willis Towers 54 stories. The Skydeck at Willis Tower was originally called John Hancock Observatory when it first opened in 1969 and offered some of Chicago’s most spectacular view before changing its name to Willis tower. Visitors can take get their picture taken by looking through National Geographic Magazine’s iconic yellow window frame or at any other moment reflected against the black backdrop behind them.

Can I visit the Willis Tower with my family?

The Willis Tower is the tallest building in Chicago and one of the most famous landmarks on earth. Visitors to Willis Tower’s observation decks have access to some amazing views – from a 1776ft high view point that lets you see all around Chicago, or at ground level if they prefer. Willis tower also offers something for every age group with its interactive exhibits like an earthquake simulator which demonstrates how buildings withstand earthquakes, shaking the room as it does so!

Visitors can take their picture against National Geographic Magazine’s iconic yellow window frame or any other moment reflected against black backdrop behind them. Willis Towers Skydeck offer more than 30 million visitors annually who come to enjoy incredible 360 degree views with over 60% viewing area of Lake Michigan.

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