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Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo: A Fun Weekend Adventure

Brookfield ZooThe Brookfield Zoo is located on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. It has over 1,000 animals and covers 100 acres of land. If you are looking for a fun weekend adventure, this is the perfect place to visit! We have compiled a list of our favorite moments from Brookfield Zoo that we hope will inspire you to take your family out there too.

– The Brookfield zoo was founded in 1934 by Walter B. Brookfield and his wife Anna M. Brookfield

– They purchased what was then called “Brookfield Farm” which they turned into one of the world’s leading zoological parks

What are the most interesting animals at The Brookfield Zoo?

– The Brookfield Zoo is home to the world’s largest fiberglass hippopotamus statue!

– When you come here, be sure not to miss out on seeing animals like lions and tigers. There are a total of over 130 species that call Brookfield zoo their home including rhinos, lemurs, giraffes and much more!

What is your favorite animal at Brookfield Zoo?

– Brookfield Zoo is a fantastic destination for families with children. There are plenty of rides and interactive activities that your kids will love!

– The zoo also offers important conservation and education programs to the public which help raise awareness about how humans impact animals’ habitats in the wild. They’re so committed, they even have their own onsite animal hospital where you can learn more about pet care from veterinarians who work at Brookfield every day. Brookfield has been an accredited member of Association of Zoos & Aquariums since 1978 too!

– Make sure to check out all three exhibits: African Plains (home to lions, leopards, zebras), Wild Encounters (interactive play area) and Asian Animals

How to get there and how much is the entrance fee?

Admission prices – Brookfield does offer a range of rates for different times of the year, but if you want to save money on your visit I recommend coming midweek or during school holidays when admission prices are reduced.

– Brookfield offers free parking in their lot with validation from any restaurant or retailer within Brookfield Place (formerly known as Brookside), so don’t worry about looking around for street parking– they’ve got it covered!

Did You Know? The zoo opened its doors back in 1934 and has been open ever since! They have over 800 animals representing more than 120 species including pandas?

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