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The best things to do at Millenium Park

Millenium ParkMillennium Park is a public space that Chicagoans have been visiting since 2004. If you are looking for family-friendly activities to do in the Millenium Park, then this blog post is for you! We will be exploring five things to do at Millenium Park in Chicago Illinois.

It’s one of the best things to do in Chicago Illinois. Millenium Park (aka Millennium or The Bean) is located at 201 East Randolph Street. With an area of 55 acres, it has plenty of areas for visitors to explore.

Millenium Park features many different attractions including: Cloud Gate aka “The Bean”, Lurie Garden, Crown Fountain aka “Beanstalk” by Jaume Plensa, Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion and more! Make sure you visit these attractions while exploring this park – they are free for all visitors!

We will be exploring five things to take on your journey when you are visiting the park in Chicago.

– The Bean aka Cloud Gate,

– Lurie Garden with a rose garden and butterfly garden,

– Crown Fountain aka “Beanstalk” by Jaume Plensa that displays animated water shows with the music of local artists as they sing songs about environmental responsibility. This fountain is also interactive where people are encouraged to make wishes while tossing coins into its pool or walk across it – this will add their name to Millenium Park’s Wish Wall which reads each wish aloud on October 15th during their Today Show (something you’ll want your family members and friends back home to hear),

– Jay Pritzker Pavilion for live performances from classical music to rock concerts and everything in between. You can be assured that you will enjoy your time here!

– Lurie Garden for a tranquil walk with the fragrant scent of blossoms from over 100 species.

– Cloud Gate, often called “The Bean” which is definitely worth getting up close to and taking photos in front of! It’s impossible not to feel small as you put your hand on this magnificent sculpture – it will make sure that Chicago lives in your heart forever.

– Crown Fountain where water shoots out into plumes if either side of Millenium Park’s iconic centerpiece at its north end or cascades down steps to create a dramatic effect within the fountain itself making for an unforgettable experience all around!

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